13 May 2013

Download Netbeans IDE 7.3 Terbaru

Download Netbeans IDE 7.3 Terbaru 

New Feature Highlights

Project Easel: HTML5 Application Development 
· HTML5 Application project with JavaScript testing support
· JavaScript Editor significantly improved
· Page inspector and visual CSS style editor
· JavaScript Debugger Embedded WebKit browser; deep integration with Chrome

· Breadcrumbs: A new navigation bar shows the current embedding in the editor
· Updated Show member and Show hierarchy views
· Set of new hints and refactorings
· Filters for Find Usages results Effective POM editor tab in pom.xml editor
Java EE

· Java Persistence JPQL testing tool REST Service Development enhancements
· FXML/Scene Builder Support
· JDK 7u6+ support on Windows, Mac and Linux
· FXML editing greatly improved by providing accurate code completion, error marking and more FXML Generate Controller action added on FXML files
· Parsers for Namespaced Annotations (Symfony 2, Doctrine 2, etc.)
· Basic Composer Integration (Dependency Manager for PHP)
· Twig Code Completion (with documentation)
· Smarty Braces Matching for Related Tags Smarty Parser Errors of Unmatched Tags
· Groovy 2.0 integration
· Support in Java EE projects
· Groovy JUnit test support Basic refactoring implemented (Find Usages, Rename for class type)

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